Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mc Larren F1

Mc Laren F1 is the fifth fastest car in the world.It was the fastest car until Bugatti Veron was introduced.
Mc Laren is built with expensive Materials like carbon fiber monocoque chasis.
   The car has the power output of 627 horsepower, powered by an6L  V12 engine buith by B.M.W,
Top speed:-240mph
Accelerate:-100km/h in 3.2 secs
Enging type:-V12
Torque:-4791b-ft at 4000rmp
Horsepower 627bhp at7400rpm
It has 6-speed manual transmission,
Lenth of car;-168.9inches
Width:-71.7 inches
Height:-44.9 inches
  The newest version of Mclaren is the Mc Laren mp4,it tackles both the authenticity of Mc Laren cars and takes F1 design to new level.Its chases made up with Carbon Monocell,it uses a 3.8 liter M838T engine which produces horsepower of 600 because of its V8 twin turbocharge.

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Mc Laren mp4
Mc laren mp4 interior

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